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Fw: PMC Slaps Notices to Societies for Improper Waste Disposal
Pune Mirror Report: Nearly 200 residential buildings pulled up after scrutiny

The tables have now turned as Pune Municpal Corporation (PMC) has started sending notices to residential societies for not disposing of garbage correctly within their premises. After the incessant waste management issue, the administration has realised the important role of societies in effective garbage disposal.

However, the amount of garbage generated from societies is not more than 150 tonnes per day. Suresh Jagtap, head of PMC’s solid waste management department, said, “There are a total of 22,000 societies in the city. Now, we are starting to scrutinse whether societies segregate and dispose of garbage properly. The civic body is trying hard to tackle this menace, but everyone has to co-operate.”

He further said, “So far, we have sent around 200 notices to different societies. During our inspections, we have found that some residential buildings have not been following proper disposal methods and not carrying out vermiculture. Action will be intensified after giving notices, as we plan to file court cases next.”

Out of the 15 wards, PMC has sent 56 notices to areas in Hadapsar, following which Nagar Road and Tilak Road ward offices sent 50 notices to societies. Girish Deshpande, a member of Anand Park society, said, “We have received the civic body’s notice about not following vermiculture and have been instructed to restart it. They also warned us that they will not take our society’s garbage, if we don’t dispose the waste correctly. The authorities mentioned that they will not pick up garbage in such cases and take legal action against those who put them in containers. But, under the Solid Waste Management Rules, it is solely the duty of local bodies to handle, transport and process garbage. PMC cannot force us to dispose garbage within society premises.”

As PMC frantically looks for a garbage depot to dump the city’s waste, the administration is also making it mandatory for societies to dispose their garbage within the city. Jagtap said, “According to PMC, there are around 150 tonnes of garbage that is generated every day, mainly from these societies. If the residential buildings handle waste properly, it will lessen pressure on us.”

Some of the garbage generated by Pune, around 500 tonnes of it, goes to the Uruli-Devachi garbage depot for scientific capping. Garbage disposal is done through mechanical composting, bio-gas, microorganisms and finally composting and generating electrical power and other by-products.

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